Founding Members:

Bradford T. Keller has been exploring and applying the numerous benefits of flying disc sports and activities since 1981. Using his experience as a world class flying disc athlete, Brad developed a therapeutic program that incorporated flying-disc skills and techniques in collaboration with Hunter College. This program became an important component of the Hunter Activities Program for Parents and Youth (HAPPY), for physically or developmentally challenged children. Mr. Keller has conducted his flying disc workshops at the YMCAs “Keep Kids Off the Street” Program, Camp Homeward bound (a sleep-away camp for at-risk youth), and has organized numerous events for the City of New York Parks & Recreation and public schools.

Mr. Keller has produced numerous amateur and professional disc sports tournaments including the 1985, ‘95, ‘97 and ‘98 Eastern National Freestyle Championships, The Stern Ultimate Frisbee Challenge, “The Worlds Biggest” Disc Golf tournament in NYC and the 1996 “Drastic Plastic” World Freestyle Flying Disc Championships. Mr. Keller holds a degree in furniture design and engineering. He also works professionally in landscaping, floral design and participates in the creation of monumental outdoor sculptures as assistant to Gerald A. Lynas.

Gerald A. Lynas originally founded the New York Flying Disc Institute (NYFDI) in 1969 as an educational program to teach flying disc skills to people of all ages. NYFDI organized highly skilled disc players to perform exhibitions and instructional clinics. The prime objectives of NYFDI were to elevate flying disc as a legitimate and varied sport and to promote freestyle as a creative art form. Activities included half time demonstrations at Madison Square Garden, youth workshops in schools and summer camps, and production of two national disc championship tournaments in New York City. In addition to creating several disc games and events, Mr. Lynas has created numerous works of art related to disc including paintings, club logos, disc designs, video shorts, and club newsletters. His work has been featured in a special disc exhibit in the Smithsonian Institute as well as in other venues. Mr. Lynas, known as “Circus”, remains an active enthusiast and board member of DiscAbilities. Mr. Lynas is also a world-renowned sculptor best known for his ephemeral works in sand and snow. He has been featured in most of the major news media and was the subject of a documentary film for Japanese Public Television. His experience in the visual arts include graphic design, photography, illustration, book design, film, and multi-media. He has recently designed and installed a number of large sculptures in NYC parks. You can see his work at www.Sandsong.com

Harold Duvall was first introduced to flying discs, in 1978, through the Frisbee physical education class at San Marino High School in Southern California. In 1982, and again in 1985, he won the Disc Golf World Championships. In 1983, he cofounded INNOVA Disc Golf with his brother Charlie, and two friends, Dave Dunipace and Tim Selinske. INNOVA produces targets, discs and other products for disc golf courses.

For the last 30 years, through his successful company, Harold has participated in a multitude of activities that share the basic truth that disc play is fun for the whole family. From designing and building dozens disc golf courses across the US, to sharing the gospel with a Frisbee, to currently organizing the US Disc Golf Championships, Harold is one of our most active and respected promoters of disc sports.